In a recent interview with Noisy Pixel, Taichiro Miyazaki, the Vice President of CyberConnect2, once again addressed the topic of a .hack//IMOQ remake. Fans of the original series have been eagerly anticipating a modernized version of the beloved games, and Mr. Miyazaki’s comments shed light on the current situation.

It’s no secret that CyberConnect2 has expressed a strong desire to remake the original .hack games. The Vice President reaffirmed the studio’s passion for the series, stating that bringing back the quadrilogy or even remaking them is something they would love to do. However, the fate of the remakes lies in the hands of Bandai Namco Entertainment, the license holder for the .hack games.

Mr. Miyazaki emphasized that without Bandai Namco’s approval, CyberConnect2 is unable to move forward with the project. While the studio may be eager to revisit the world of .hack, they are ultimately dependent on the green light they don’t have permission to give themselves. Therefore, the Vice President called upon the fans to voice their support for the remakes by directing their requests to Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The hack//IMOQ video game series is a four-part role-playing game series that takes place in the online game The World. The series follows the story of Kite, a new player who is drawn into a mystery involving players who are falling into comas after playing The World. Kite teams up with other players to investigate the mystery, and along the way, he learns more about The World and its secrets. The series is known for its complex plot, its well-developed characters, and its immersive gameplay.

The hack//IMOQ video game series was released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan between 2002 and 2004. The series was later ported to the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita. The series has also been adapted into several anime series, manga series, and novels.

He went on to acknowledged the frustration felt by fans, who have been eagerly anticipating a remaster or reboot of the original .hack series. He expressed his disappointment that the situation might sound repetitive but stressed the importance of Bandai Namco’s approval for the project to become a reality.


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