Jagex is introducing a unique standalone combat skill to Runescape for the first time in 20 years – Necromancy! While this isn’t sailing like you probably hoped (which would be pretty boring anyway), it does promise to change the dynamics of the game at its core. Breaking away from the traditional combat triangle, Necromancy isn’t weak or strong against magic, ranged, or melee. You can play immediately on August 7, 2023 – that’s next week!, both free players and members can explore this skill, with level caps at 20 and 120 respectively.

Summoning the Undead

Necromancy lets you summon undead allies for combat. Although their presence is fleeting, these creatures can significantly influence the outcome of battles. Also, they look pretty badass. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty with delegating the decayed to fight your battles for you, there are also rituals, which are a more relaxed method of skill training for XP.

To begin training in Necromancy, you’ll need two items – the Death Guard main hand weapon and the Spirit Lantern offhand weapon. These can be obtained by embarking on ‘The First Necromancer’ quest series.

All in all, Jagex has prepared a series of seven quests revolving around the skill, each one bringing new lore, skills, and challenges, including exciting boss encounters with the Abyssal Sire and the First Necromancer.

Lastly, there’s new equipment tailored specifically for Necromancers like yourself. In addition to the aforementioned Deathguard weapon and Spirit Lantern offhand item, there’s a Necromancer’s Robe set, and new consumables like the Soul Rune and Corrupted Soul Rune.

A Game-Changing Addition

From what I can tell, Necromancy is more just than a skill – it’s a game-changer. Its introduction shows that since the dreaded Evolution of Combat, Jagex has learned a thing or two, and is ready to take the next step in transforming the game. Yes, they got tons of backlash for EoC, but by introducing new combat mechanics, it’s clear that they’re no longer recovering from that misery and are literally ready to take the offensive – just don’t expect to play on your Chromebook!


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