Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

If you had told me a couple of years ago that my son would be hooked on a game that’s nearly two decades old, I would have chuckled and said, “No way!” (even though that was always my plan and hope!) But here we are. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror originally launched on the Game Boy Advance back in 2004, has become an obsession for him over the past two years. Having beaten the game multiple times on our Retroid Pocket 3 devices, he’s practically a Kirby aficionado and has gone on to play Return to Dream Land, The Forgotten Land, and more.

A classic gem returns from the Mirror World!

I can’t blame him either. That charming pink puffball venturing through a world with an evil version of Meta Knight wielding a sword of dimensional mischief? That’s a pretty awesome setup, especially when you consider all of the powers you can unlock. His favorite is the sword because it makes a satisfying sound and has a bit longer reach to defeat enemies with less risk.

I can’t tell you how many times he’s begged me to play co-op with him only for me to say “sorry, bud, that’s just not possible on the emulator right now”. Well, that’s not true anymore, because “Kirby & The Amazing Mirror” is making its grand arrival on Nintendo Switch Online in just a few days and features four-player local and online co-op! That’s right, as of September 29th, you should get the notification that “There’s something new to play” after updating and opening the Game Boy Advance app on your Switch!

Considering how much he loves the game, I’m secretly excited about this. It’s one thing to watch him play and guide him through challenging sections, but it’s another entirely to team up and face the challenges head-on, reliving my childhood. Let’s be honest, as an adult, I’m perpetually in my childhood bliss of games thanks to how popular they are nowadays.

Nintendo Switch Online needs to open the floodgates

When it drops on Switch Online, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror will also have those subgames built in – you know, “Crackity Hack”, “Boss Endurance”, “Goal Game”, Speed Eaters”, and “Kirby’s Wave Ride”. I truly hope Nintendo drops more gems like this more frequently instead of waiting so long in between releases because NSO subscribers are getting sick of being drip fed content.

Anyway, let me know in the comments if you’ll be playing Kirby & The Amazing Mirror when it comes out on Friday or if you’re waiting for a specific Game Boy Advance game to drop. If there is something you’re hoping for, be sure to tell me below!


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