Metroid Zero Mission

Metroid has been around since the 1980s. The franchise has a cult following due to its unique gameplay and exploration mechanics and if you’re a fan, you’re already well aware of this! Metroid Zero Mission for the Game Boy Advance is a 2004 remake of the original game for the NES. It features updated graphics, sound, and gameplay that makes it more accessible and in line with the signature Metroid games in the series.

Linking with Metroid Fusion

Recently, a data miner on Twitter by the name of Yakumono discovered some interesting information while looking through the Switch Online service files for Metroid Zero Mission. They found some “how to link with Metroid Fusion” screenshots hiding deep in the code. This is an odd discovery since Zero Mission isn’t even available on the Nintendo Switch at this time!

While every leak needs to be taken as a possibility and not a certainty, this could point to the eventual release of Zero Mission for the GBA on Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack! Obviously, this would be an exciting addition for Metroid fans who have been eating really well this year.

A sign of what’s to come?

Metroid Zero Mission is a shorter game than Fusion, but it does lower the brutal and unforgiving difficulty from the original NES version, adds a few extra bosses, and updates much of the soundtrack. It’s honestly a great way to experience the classic Metroid gameplay mechanics in a modern context.

We’ll keep you posted if any more information for this original remake drops, and if the game becomes available officially, we’ll of course spotlight it! Let us know in the comments if you like Zero Mission or if you’re more of a Metroid Fusion type of gamer. Below is a trailer for the game, but for the Wii U (rest in peace).


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