Pokémon Stadium

Get ready to feel nostalgia hit you like a a ton of bricks, because Pokémon Stadium for the N64 is coming to Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack on April 12, 2023! After all the rumors, we finally got the official announcement, and we’re hyped to play this throwback title again.

Pokémon Stadium is coming to Switch!

For those who missed the greatest generation of gaming – the advent of 3D graphics, Pokémon Stadium was the game we all wanted back in 1998. It had 3D battles, mini-games, and other cool stuff, plus the ability to transfer your Pokémon from your Game Boy to the Nintendo 64. This was a big deal, people. It was like seeing your Pokémon come to life!

Now, over twenty years later, we’re finally getting the chance to play this gem on a modern platform. The announcement trailer was released on YouTube, but for some reason, it was taken down overnight, leaving us wondering if we were supposed to see it yet. Luckily, IGN and others quickly ripped a copy of the video and posted it on their own channels, so you can watch it below!

With a disappointing surprise

Remember how I said you could transfer Pokémon from your Game Boy into the game? Well, there was initial speculation that this would not be possible on the Switch, and guess what – it’s not happening, folks. On the bright side, we’re still getting the game, and that’s something to celebrate! Besides, Nintendo could very well add this feature after the launch, especially if the original first through third generation Pokémon games are coming to Switch in due time.

For now, get ready to relive your childhood memories and kick some Poké-butt with some of the best animations in the entire franchise (seriously, what happened, Nintendo?) It’s looking more and more likely that the sequel, Pokémon Stadium 2, will also drop on the platform too. but we’ll have to wait and see. Nintendo does like to keep us all in the dark until the last moment, after all.


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